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Our Story
PRIMEdge is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, USA with manufacturing and distribution facilities in Brazil, Denmark, France, Germany, Spain, and Sweden. The company also utilizes a network of global sales agents in over 65 countries.

In 1905 Giuseppe Cozzini emigrated from Northern Italy to the United States and made his way to Chicago where he founded a successful knife sharpening business. Four generations and over a century later, PRIMEdge has grown into a leading manufacturer and supplier of knife sharpening equipment, edge maintenance tools, and replacement blades for the meat and food industries.

Along the way, through organic growth and acquisition, PRIMEdge has become one of the world’s most recognized manufacturers of high-speed slicing blades serving OEMs, agents, and end users around the globe. Today the company sells replacement blades for virtually all popular high speed industrial slicers and stands behind its products with legendary aftermarket service including blade inspection, sharpening, edge serrating, and balancing.