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K-Series Washing/Disinfecting Systems

The K Series, representing a new concept and level of sanitation based on the kinetics of thermal inactivation of pathogens which optimizes the time and temperature requirements needed to fully sanitize all surfaces, external and internal. This sanitation process is based on the established norms of thermal inactivation of pathogens and optimizes the use and application of thermal energies in addition to documenting the process.

  • The wash stage concentrates the energy of the pump in a rotary panel that generates a sweeping effect to remove dirt.
  • The disinfection stage is accomplished by means of heat transfer, using a low pressure shower effect.
  • Water from the fresh water rinsing stage is recycled for use in the next wash cycle.
  • Ideal for cleaning and disinfecting knives, metal mesh gloves, sharpening steels and other items.
  K2 K5 KP7 K10
Capacity 24 racks* 48 racks* 48 racks* 48 racks*
Dimensions mm 1510 x 1890
x 2620
1520 x 1975
x 2990
2045 x 1590
x 2045
4915 x 2535
x 2595
Installation Floor Level Floor Level Pit -800 mm Pit -1000 mm


Complete system accessories available, including racks, knife baskets, trays, loading & unloading trolleys.