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Discover the Infinite Solutions of PRIMEdge Slicer Blades
Involute blades for high speed slicing
Ideal for high-speed slicing of processed and whole muscle meats and cheeses. Precision manufactured from the highest quality materials in a variety of bevel styles.
Sharpening services to help maintain your edge!
We provide expert sharpening and precision balancing services for involute slicer blades, grinder/emulsifier plates and knifes, and bowl chopper blades.
Washing, sanitation, and drying equipment
Founded in 1986, MIMASA manufacturers innovative, high-quality, cost-effective washing, sanitation, and drying equipment for the food processing industry.
Razor-sharp edge in seconds!
Ergo® Steel Edge Maintenance Tools restore a perfect edge, increase productivity, and reduce the need for conventional steels.
From Farm to Fork With COZZINIPRIMEdge Cutting Edges
PRIMEdge has the right cutting edge for all your processing needs
Get the Edge You Need With COZZINIPRIMEdge Sharpening Systems
A properly sharpened knife = increased production, yields and safety

Our involute slicer blades can cut it!

PRIMEdge’s involute, elliptical-shaped blades are ideal for high-speed slicing processed and whole muscle meats and cheeses. These blades are precision manufactured by PRIMEdge from the highest quality materials in a variety of bevel styles to fit your application perfectly. Teflon coating is available for slicing sticky products such as cheese or cooked ham. More >>>


Edge maintenance tools... sharper than ever!

Whether you process chicken, beef, pork or fish, keeping your knife edges sharp is essential on the processing line. With constant use, sharp knives will dull. The PRIMEdge Ergo Steel is a fast and easy way to straighten and restore your knife edges for razor-sharp performance. The Ergo Steel is THE edge maintenance tool.
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Sharpening systems for all operations!

A properly sharpened knife equals increased production, yields, and safety. PRIMEdge Sharpening Systems are designed for high, medium, and lower volume sharpening needs. Each system combines blade thinning and honing/edging to assure a consistent cutting edge every time. More >>>


High-productivity grinder plates, emulsifier plates, and knives!

Top-performing PRIMEdge grinder plates, emulsifier plates, and insert blades are made of heat-treated, high-carbon steel for a consistently strong edge. They deliver cooler cutting and increased productivity, with the maximum number of holes on the plate surface. More >>>