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HES-S3 & HES-SB3 Stainless Ergo Steel

Restores a perfect edge in seconds

Totally enclosed, sanitary spring mechanisms.
Hardened rods perfectly align edge to correct angle.
Easy maintenance and cleaning.

  • Three alignment rods ensure perfect sharpening alignment of any length knife edge, from base to tip
  • Wider entrance design guides knife blades perfectly into alignment rods while avoiding contact with base
  • Enhanced durability with longer-than-ever spring life
  • Lighter than ever for ease of hand-held operation
  • Electropolished finish to reduce contamination build-up

Requires virtually no training to use, the Ergo Steel-Stainless can be used comfortably and safely, right-or left-handed.

Worlds most popular edge maintenance tool!


Stainless Ergo Steel (HES-S3/HES-SB3)