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ALC Slicer Blade Sharpeners

• 2 Models for circular slicer blade diameters up to 600 mm (24”) and any bevel angle up to 35°.
• Blade rotation system grinds and hones the blade for a perfect, sharp edge in a single operation.
• Sharpening system specifically designed for the meat industry and maintains a perfect blade roundness.
• Pump-operated recirculating cooling system uses rust-inhibiting coolant and comes standard with coolant tank.
• Heavy duty, corrosion-resistant, stainless steel body construction.
• CE certified.

 Model ALC-400 ALC-600
Maximum Blade Size 400mm(16") 600mm(24")
Height 1542 mm (60.75") 1450 mm(57")
Width 820 mm (32.25) 920 mm (36.25 mm)
Depth 742 mm (29") 1452 mm (57.25)
Adjust Cutting Angle Up to 35º
Integrated Edge Honing System