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The Ergo Steel II Plus Carbide”

The easy to use 2 step Ergo Steel featuring an integrated carbide insert designed to thin a blunt edge and straighten and restore your knife edge for razor sharp performance

The PRIMEdge Ergo Steel II Plus is a fast and easy way to straighten and restore those knife edges for razor-sharp performance. Throughout the day, as a knife edge dulls, the operator can slide the blade through the unique spring-tensioned rods of the Ergo Steel II Plus and straighten the edge in a matter of seconds.

It is an edge maintenance tool used on the production floor.
During normal use, the knife may lose its edge and may not be able to be restored through use of an edge maintenance device. Using the new Ergo Steel II Plus gives you the ability to bring the knife back to its thinned condition without leaving the workstation, thereby maintaining a razor sharp edge between sharpening.

Worlds most popular edge maintenance tool!
Ergo Steel II Plus

• Perfect edge in seconds
• Aligns both sides of the blade simultaneously
• Integrated carbide insert designed to thin a blunt knife edge
• Fixed carbide insert maintains proper angle-never needs adjustment
• Straightens and prolongs the edge life of all knives
• Can be hand-held or bench-mounted
• Optional handle for hand-held operation can be attached for left or right handed use
• Totally enclosed, sanitary spring mechanisms
• Easy maintenance and cleaning
• USDA and CE certified

Under each pivoting rod, fully enclosed spring mechanisms provide the perfect amount of tension between the knife edge and stainless steel rods. Both sides of the edge are straightened simultaneously, assuring a perfect edge in seconds.
Simply draw the blade through the thinning insert several times to thin the blade.


Optional handle for hand-held use accommodates right or left handed users

Quickly mount your Ergo Steel where you need it. The Ergo Steel II Plus “snaps” into the Table Base and is locked in place.