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February 05, 2022
Bacon Manufacturer Saves Thousands, Maintains Quality With Replacement Slicer Blades

John F. Martin & Sons®, a maker of meat and cheese products for grocery stores, restaurants, and delis, including ham, bacon, deli meat and cheese, realized substantial cost savings by a simple switch of a slicing blade from an OEM blade to a replacement slicing blade from PRIMEdge.

The bacon industry, thanks to more people cooking at home and buying larger quantities, is resulting in double-digit sales, according to this National Provisioner article. To keep up with the increased demand, John F. Martin decided to expand its bacon plant in Womelsdorf, Pa. Initially, the plant was operating with only two Weber® Slicer 702 machines. Today, the company is running a total of six Weber® slicing machines. More >>>

November 18, 2021
Four Cozzini Generations and Never a Dull Moment

Just over 115 years ago, in 1905, with one small suitcase each, a pushcart to sharpen knives and an abundance of courage, two cousins from a small village in Italy’s Northern Dolomites region, boarded a ship destined for America. Four weeks later, Giuseppe and Eduardo Cozzini stepped onto New York Harbor’s Ellis Island, the landing point where thousands of immigrants from every country in Europe were arriving in America, the New World, to begin new lives.

Both cousins had lived their entire lives in what is known today as the Northern Italian Alps. Back then the area was mostly comprised of small farming communities, all within the boundaries of Austria. Giuseppe and Eduardo were from the small Austrian town of Pinzolo which bordered Italy and became part of it in 1916. Both young men spoke fluent Italian and German. Also in 1905, largely due to the necessity to communicate in an already known language, the two made their way to Milwaukee where a large German speaking population had already settled. Pushing their knife sharpening cart from one butcher shop and restaurant to the next, the two soon built a knife sharpening business in Milwaukee, that was large enough to sustain one person. More >>>

August 25, 2021
Fresh Wind from Northern Europe

Since its founding in 1971, HTW has had a clear purpose imprinted in the DNA of all its employees: "Timely & quality service to its customers”. HTW is now part of the PRIMEdge Group under the name “PRIMEdge Sweden”.

From the beginning in the 2000’s, when the courageous founders of HTW decided to invest in precision machinery to professionally sharpen machine blades for their customers, HTW began to be the standard for customers in the meat processing industry. HTW is located in southern Sweden in the small town of Eslöv - only one hour from Copenhagen Airport in Denmark. More >>>

July 15, 2021
PRIMEdge, anyway you slice it…

It’s impossible to reflect on the development of high-speed slicer blades without noting PRIMEdge decades-long leadership.

PRIMEdge offers a host of blade configurations and finishes – in circular and involute style - to enhance your slicing operation. Increased yields and throughput are only the beginning. More >>>

July 01, 2021
Four Generations of Cozzini Leadership

Letter from our New President, Alexander Cozzini
This has been a very humbling moment for me and has brought back many memories, from where I started to where I am today. It is an incredible honor for me to lead and serve our amazing group of companies. Over a lifetime career, Ivo transformed a small business - once operating out of his own basement - into a multi-national business. A business universally admired throughout a substantial, world-wide industry. Historically, our industry has been very traditional, specialized and only mildly focused on innovation. Ivo is clearly an exception to this tradition. From Ergo Steels to Emulsifiers, Ivo always prioritized innovation. His vision is evident in all our products, including consumables, equipment, and services.

Although many of you have known me for years, I want to share more in-depth details of my background including what truly inspires and motivates me. More >>>