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NEW Sharpness Tester

Dull knives require more force to use resulting in slips, injuries, poor product yield, slower production, and lower profits. The PRIMEdge Sharpness Tester is a user-friendly system designed to measure the sharpness of an edge accurately and reliably. Using the results of sharpness testing, proper training methods can be employed in your knife room and production line.

The rapid mount design of the PRIMEdge Sharpness Tester ensures quick and easy changeover minimizing incorrect placement. The test media is uniform and not affected by voids, ensuring an accurate reading of the full edge from handle to tip.

  • A Sharp Edge = Increased Productivity, Yields, & Safety
  • Provides accurate, objective, and reliable monitoring of your sharpening program
  • Capable of evaluating a wide range of blade types, from hand knives  to machine cutting blades
  • Simple mounting system: no adjustments required with respect to  different handles and no blade alignment necessary.
  • Guaranteed accurate results not affected by the impact of the blade tip on the media
  • Visual graphic test results provide a colored profile to determine the problematic points at a glance

Output of results include:

  • Sharpness rating down the length of the edge
  • Geometric profile of the blade
  • Compiled score comparable to industry standards

No PC and software license required


NEW Sharpness Tester

The PRIMEdge Sharpness Tester is built industrial strength with sheet metal and high quality components. Operators have access to a color touch-screen control panel where they can review tests, change settings and receive other information.

Test Media Clamp
The test media clamp is accessed by the side door, and is specially designed for PRIMEdge test media. Each test will require a new test media.

Knife Clamp
The knife clamp is accessed by the front door. This clamp is operated by a single knob, and will hold various knife sizes and shapes.

The control panel is a touch-screen user interface. Several graph views of test results are available. There are two styles of graphs: Sharpness Graph and Sharpness Profile Graph. Each test is linked to a QR code provided with the media and transferable on a key or an external system upon customer request.


Utilities Machine supplied with cable already connected inside the electrical cabinet. It is up to the installer to connect a plug complying with appropriate standards in the country where the equipment is used and having a capacity of not less than 20A.

North American models — Configured for a single-phase 110 Vac 60 Hz
European models — Configured for single-phase 220 Vac 50 Hz

Working Area
The work area is the space required for installation of the machine and its accessories, safe handling of workpieces and operators and access to machine parts and components for maintenance, cleaning, or other operations.