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Sharpening Steels

PRIMEdge is synonymous with keeping the perfect edge on your knives. Especially designed for meat processing or food preparation lines, these innovative tools restore and straighten your knife’s edge. The honing rod steels the blade while the alignment element balls straighten the cutting edge. Whether you use a short boning knife or a long butcher knife, PRIMEdge keeps your blade razor sharp.

Eliminate your edge reconditioning problems with PRIMEdge knife maintenance tools.

Hand-Held Knife Sharpening Steel
  • Rods available in coarse or smooth, short or long versions.
  • Alignment elements available in ceramic or stainless steel.
  • A few quick strokes will return your knife to peak performance.
  • Straightens and prolongs the edge life of hand knives.
  • All-in-one design includes honing rod and alignment elements.
  • USDA and CE certified.
Part No. Rod Length Rod texture Aligning Element
HPE-1 6.5" 165 mm Coarse Stainless Steel
HPE-2 6.5" 165 mm Coarse Ceramic
HPE-5 10.2" 259 mm Smooth Stainless Steel
HPE-6 10.2" 259 mm Smooth Ceramic
HPE-7 11" 280 mm Coarse Stainless Steel
Hpe-8 11" 280 mm Coarse Ceramic