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Skinner blades made of surgical grade
stainless steel packaged in our
Sanitary Safety Pack
Skinner blades image

PRIMEdge Max-Yield skinner blades are made of surgical grade stainless steel and highly polished to a sanitary finish. Available in all sizes to fit most skinning machines, the precisely engineered blade geometry reduces surface friction and compression. The extra-long tapered, double angle-edge design contributes to skinning speed.

Max-Yield skinner blades are packaged in our reusable Sanitary Safety Pack that keeps the operator safe by storing new and used blades safely and preventing accidental exposure of sharp edges while transporting. Special sizes are available on request

Contact PRIMEdge for all your skinner blade needs today.

Skinner blades edge profile
Blade edges are engineered to critical geometry designed to reduce surface friction and resulting compression.
Skinner blades available
for these brands:

•Townsend® *
•Maja® *
•Grasselli® *
•Weber® *
•Varlet® *
® *
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