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About PRIMEdge
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Press Room:
Upcoming tradeshows
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Knife sharpening machines
Centralized Sharpening:
PRIMEdge's high volume knife sharpening
Twins System:

PRIMEdge's mid-sized volume knife sharpening machines
Light Duty Sharpening:
PRIMEdge's light duty knife sharpening systems
Stand Up Grinder:
PRIMEdge machine for heavy duty grinding and blade repair applications

Edge maintenance tools
Ergo Steel II:
PRIMEdge's revolutionary knife sharpening tool
Ergo Steel III:
PRIMEdge's newest design hand-held knife sharpening tool
Ergo Steel II Plus:
PRIMEdge's revolutionary knife sharpening tool
Ergo Steel III Plus:
PRIMEdge's revolutionary knife sharpening tool
HES-S2 Ergo Steel Stainless:
PRIMEdge's revolutionary knife sharpening tool in Stainless Steel
HES-SB2 Ergo Steel Stainless:
PRIMEdge's revolutionary knife sharpening tool in Stainless Steel
Hand-Held Sharpening Steels:
Butcher steels for hand-held knife edge maintenance
PRIMEdge's tool for sharpening scissors and shears
Grill Scraper Sharpener:
PRIMEdge's tool for sharpening grill scrapers

Plates, knives & blades
Bandsaw Blades:
PRIMEdge's selection of replacement bandsaw blades
Skinner Blades:
PRIMEdge's replacement skinner blades
Bowl Chopper Blades:
PRIMEdge's selection
of bowl chopper blades
Slicer Blades:
An overview of several styles of slicer blades available from
Circular Slicer Blades:
Precision made slicer blades in a variety of diameters and bevels
Involute Slicers:
Involute, eliptical-shaped blades for high speed slicing
Specialty Blades:
Spiral ham blades, Slice-N-Tact® blades, Cryovac® blades and others
Grinder Plates:
Replacement grinder plates and accessories for most grinders
Bone Elimination:
PRIMEdge's bone and gristle elimination systems and parts and accessories

PRIMEdge's vesatile line of knife and glove washer/sanitizers
KST Sharpness Tester:
PRIMEdge'sKnife Sharpness Testers

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