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PRIMEdge Grill Scraper and
Spatula Sharpener

PRIMEdge Grill Scraper & Spatula Sharpener
  • No scraper removal from blade holder necessary.
  • Produces a consistently sharp, straight edge for removing carbon build-up on grill surface preventing improper heat transfer which could lead to inconsistent product taste and health concerns.
  • Straight blade edge will avoid scratching resulting in a cleaner grill and scratch-free grill surface.
Easy to Use/Easy to Clean
  • Easy and quick to use, little or no training necessary.
  • Few parts, easily maintained.
  • Sharpening stone is easy to change.
  • Made of strong, chemical resistant polypropylene plastic.
  • Suction cup feet for placement on any flat surface.
  • No carbon steel components, eliminating any carbon steel contamination of grill surface.
  • Easy to follow instruction card and spare parts breakdown for easy re-ordering of parts included.
Grill Scraper Sharpening Procedure

Step 1
Place the scraper into the handle guide on the fixture. Lay the edge of the scraper on the sharpening stone. The fixture is preset to ensure the proper angle on the edge of the scraper.

Step 2
Hold the scraper with both hands. With minimal pressure, move the scraper blade back and forth across the surface of the sharpening stone until the desired edge is achieved.

Spatula Sharpening Procedure
Spatula sharpening step 1 Step 1
Loosen knob to allow the spatula to be inserted into the metal slot. Insert the spatula (face down) into the opening until the spatula slightly touches the sharpening stone.

HGS-1 spatula sharpening step2 Step 2
With the spatula positioned so that the edge to be sharpened is resting across the sharpening stone, tighten the knob to properly secure the spatula in place.

Spatula sharpening step 2 Step 3
Using both hands, hold the spatula handle and the sharpener tool knob. With minimal pressure, move the spatula edge back and forth across the surface of the sharpening stone until the desired edge is achieved.
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Cleaning procedure
The Grill Tool Sharpener is dishwasher safe, and whenever possible, should be washed in the dishwasher.

Stone replacement required when:

• The stone is worn to a minimum thickness of approximately 1/8 of an inch.

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