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Hand-held knife edge maintenance tools

PRIMEdge is synonymous with keeping the perfect edge on your knives. Especially for meat
processing or food preparation lines, these innovative tools restore and straighten your knife's edge,
prolonging the edge life of the blade between sharpenings. The honing rod steels the blade while the
alignment element balls straighten the cutting edge. Whether you use a short boning knife or long
or long butcher knife,
PRIMEdge keeps your blade razor sharp.
8 Cozzini PRIMEdge tools

Cozzini PRIMEdge tool in use
1.Thickness gauge indicates when blade needs thinning.
2.Stainless steel rods available in coarse or smooth finish.
3.Ceramic or stainless steel elements straighten the cutting edge.
Part No.
6.5" (165mm) long
Coarse rod, stainless steel element
6.5" (165mm) long
Coarse rod, ceramic element
10.2" (259mm) long
Smooth rod, stainless steel element
10.2" (259mm) long
Smooth rod, ceramic element
11" (280mm) long
Coarse rod, stainless steel element
11" (280mm) long
Coarse rod, ceramic element
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