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  • Holds the Ergo Steel II firmly in place.
  • No tools required. The Ergo Steel II “snaps” easily and securely into the Table Base.
  • Simple tab-release to separate the Ergo Steel II from the Table Base.
  • Holds tightly to virtually any smooth flat surface.
  • Compact size allows positioning of the Ergo Steel II close to the work space for maximum comfort and efficiency.
  • Lightweight for easy portability allows use where it is needed most.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning.
Left handed Ergo Steel II use
The PRIMEdge HES-2-Base Ergo Steel II Table Base is the ideal portable, removable, secure solution for positioning your Ergo Steel II. The Ergo Steel II simply “snaps” into the Table Base and is locked in place. To remove the Ergo Steel II from the Table Base, simply spread the tabs on the bottom of the Table Base apart. The Ergo Steel II Table Base holds firmly to virtually any smooth flat surface, is easily removable and can be moved from one work station to the next in seconds. The placement of the Ergo Steel II can now be tailored by each operator to provide maximum work flow, safety and comfort.
Right handed Ergo Steel II use

PRIMEdge HES-2-BASE specifications
Ergo Steel II dimensions

Available in white ,yellow and blue
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