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  • Perfect edge in seconds.
  • Aligns both sides of the blade simultaneously.
  • Straightens and prolongs the edge life of hand knives.
  • Ideal for all types of small and large knives.
  • Can be bench mounted or hand held.
  • Optional handle for hand held operation can be attached for left or right hand use.
  • Totally enclosed, sanitary spring mechanisms.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • USDA and CE certified.
Left handed Ergo Steel II use

Whether you process chicken, beef, pork or fish, keeping knife edges sharp is essential on the processing line. With use, sharp knives will dull. The
PRIMEdge Ergo Steel II is a fast and easy way to straighten and restore knife edges for razor-sharp performance. The ErgoSteel II is an edge maintenance tool used on the production floor. Throughout the day, as a knife edge dulls, the operator can slide the blade through the unique spring-tensioned rods of the Ergo Steel and straighten the edge in a matter of seconds.

The Ergo Steel II consists of a pair of pivoting,hardened rods on a food grade, molded polypropelene base. Under each pivoting rod, fully enclosed spring mechanisms provide the perfect amount of tension between the knife edge and the rods. Both sides of the edge are straightened simultaniously, assuring a perfect edge in seconds.

Requires no special training to use, the Ergo Steel II can be mounted on a table top beside each worker, or can be hand-held with the optional handle for left or right handed operation.
Right handed Ergo Steel II use

PRIMEdge HES-2 ERGO STEEL II specifications
Ergo Steel II dimensions
Ergo Steel II easy steps
Requires no special training to use.
Ergo Steel II handle
Optional handle

Available in white ,yellow, blue and red

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