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For high-volume knife sharpening,
PRIMEdge centralized knife sharpening
system is as easy as 1-2-3
HGCU hollow grinder
HGCU 4" Hollow Grinder
HGCU 6" Hollow Grinder
HE7 edger
HE7 Edger

HE7 honer
HE7 Honer

Step 1: The 4" or 6" hollow grinder thins both sides of the blade simultaneously and creates a uniform bevel prior to sharpening. A built-in thickness gauge indicates whether the blade has been sufficiently thinned for edging.

Step 2: The HE7 Edger produces a consistent V-shaped beveled edge on the blade to any angle desired.

Step 3: The HE7 Honer produces the final cutting edge on the knife, delivering a perfectly even and ergonomically efficient knife edge.

HGCU Hollow Grinders
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HE7 Honer/Edger
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Capable of sharpening blades up to 16" long, the PRIMEdge centralized knife sharpening system boosts productivity and decreases sharpening-related ergonomic problems. Each machine has a durable stainless steel frame, removable fiberglass covers for easy cleaning and an integrated stone dressing system. The machine uses a recirculating liquid coolant system for burn-free and dust-free operation. An adjustable work light and easily accessible controls ensure operator comfort and safety.

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Hands-On Knife
Sharpening Seminars
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