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Bowl Chopper Blades
PRIMEdge offers replacement bowl chopper blades for systems such as Securit®, Delta, PBS, and others. CozziniPrimedge has blade styles available for virtually every bowl chopper make and model, in blade sizes ranging from 15 to 1500 liters. If you use a discontinued model of bowl chopper, PRIMEdge can custom-manufacture blades for you.

Bowl chopper blades available for these brands:
Akkord® *
Diana® *
Manurhin® *
Alexanderwerk® *
Fatosa® *
Meissner® *
Alexandre® *
Fimpel® *
Muller® *
Alpina® *
Finis® *
Presto® *
Aubert® *
Hely-Joly® *
Rex® *
Boss® *
Hobart® *
Sema® *
Bouvard® *
Iozelli® *
Seydelmann® *
Buffalo® *
Kilia® *
Strömmen® *
Cato® *
Krämer & Grebe® *
Vall® *
DesMulle® *
Läska® *
Villa® *

Contact PRIMEdge today for details and pricing on bowl chopper blade sharpening
Bowl chopper blade image

Taifun blade S form blade
4 cut form blade
Fuchs form blade
Delta form blade
Taifun® Form

"S" Form

4-cut Form

Fuchs Form

Delta Form

Feuring form blade
Alpina Tangential form blade
Alpina S4 form blade
Kramer & Grebe 233 blade
Kramer & Grebe 236 blade
Feuring Form

Alpina Tangential Form

Alpina "S4" Form

Krämer & Grebe
High Speed 233
Krämer & Grebe
High Speed 236
Kramer & Grebe 423 blade
Kramer & Grebe 433 blade
Laska K blade
Laska KR blade
Laska KT blade
Krämer & Grebe
High Speed 423
Krämer & Grebe
High Speed 433
Laska K

Laska KR

Laska KT

Laska M blade
Laska M4S blade
Laska MT blade
Laska MAT blade
Seydelmann BW blade
Laska M

Laska M4S

Laska MT

Laska MAT


chopper blade image
Seydelmann YW blade
Seydelmann EE blade
Seydelmann EEB blade
Seydelmann K blade




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Custom manufacturing image

Securit® system adapting hardware

Securit blade arangements image

Get faster, more efficient cutting, better quality product, and less power consumption - all from Securit®. In one simple operation, you can assemble from 3 to 10 knives on one shaft, perfectly balanced. The secret is the system's normal and offset driving pulleys, which allow you to configure whatever cutting head combination is best for your operation. Securit system driving pulleys
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